Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Elna Supermatic Beige/Brown

I dragged out this machine from the far reaches of a basement corner and dusted it off a couple days ago. Don't know why, I guess it just looked dejected. When I bought it, the front needle plate and two itty bitty bobbin holder screws were missing. I also have an Elna Transforma that is the straight-stitch version of these Supermatics, so I thought it might be better to get the nicer Supermatic going by cannibalizing the parts I needed from the Transforma.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Homecraft "Hex Key" chuck disassembly

The "hex key" chuck on my "new" Homecraft 11-110 drill press is pretty simple, in terms of how many separate parts and ease of disassembly. Simply unscrew the outer sleeve and the parts seen below just drop free. The only remaining pieces to the chuck are the main body and the cam in the main body used for final tightening. A very simple chuck. Oh, and notice how nicely the drill press table turned out after cleaning it. I scraped off the heavy rust, then took 320 grit sandpaper and WD-40 to it. See the previous blog entry for a "before" view of the table.