Thursday, March 14, 2013

More Goodwill Sewing Machine Purchases

50% off anything is usually a good thing. When it comes to Goodwill, it's even better because the prices are usually fairly low to begin with, but the sale days are how the company keeps fresh stock on the shelves. Goodwill had a couple machines that interested me so I talked the trusty wife into taking the loving steed... I mean the loving wife taking the trusty steed (she offered, I didn't have to bribe or beg) to the two local stores to pick up a Montgomery Ward Signature 276C portable and a Singer 288 in a cabinet. A bonus was that the Singer cabinet had a motor control for a 401-type sewing machine. I had just purchased a similar cord set/motor control off ebay for my recently acquired 401, so I now have a spare. Sigh.

Monkey Ward 276C, with a fairly complete set of accessories

And the Singer 288 (funny, it doesn't have the model number shown anywhere)

Spare foot control (needs a bit of cleaning I'd say)

And just for kicks, here's a gut shot of a Kenmore 158.850 I'm working on. No nylon here, all steel and bronze gearing in this cast iron behemoth. This machine takes cams that are two-sided, with a different pattern on each side.

Well, that's it for today.  The basement is filling up even more and the machines aren't getting any more fixed with me sitting behind this computer.

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  1. Hi there! do you have an email address that I can contact you with a question about the Montgomery Ward Jewel 21? my email is and I'd LOVE if you could help me out a bit. Thanks John! :)