Thursday, April 4, 2013

YAGM - Yet Another Green Machine - Singer 185K

I just love these cool little Singer 3/4 machines. Too bad Singer didn't make one that also had the cam stack of a 401.... Now THAT would be something. But the little 185K is still neat. And this one came in a case.

This machine is in nicer condition than the other 185K I recently picked up. These photos are of the machine in as-found condition, and just a few spots of paint chipped off.

Why is it that these 185K's I pick up don't have the lamp glass?  *sigh*

Notice anything interesting in the next photo? I know you won't see it so I might as well spill the beans. It looks like the wire lamp clamp ring (highly technical term) that is missing from the lamp is actually still hanging on the cord. Now if only I could find the large ring somewhere in the case.

One thing a 185K has in abundance is heft. This baby tips the scale at 31 pounds in the carrying case. I just got done packaging a Singer 401A in a double wall box with scads of bubble wrap and packing peanuts and the entire box weighed a mere 26 pounds.

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