Sunday, July 28, 2013

Five... no, six sewing machines followed me home...

Five sewing machines today and one yesterday. Ok, so maybe I coaxed them along a little. They didn't actually end up at my house of their own free wills, ringing the door bell and wanting a warm place to stay. And three of them were free (parts machines). It is difficult to turn down a free sewing machine, no matter what it looks like. So without further ado, here they are. The photos show them in as-received condition.

Pfaff 130-6 (in gen-u-ine Pfaff carrying case with busted handle)

The case has a nifty flip-up lever to hold the machine up when changing the bobbin, since you do need to tilt the machine up to get to the bobbin case.

Elna Transforma (straight stitch version of the Supermatic)

Kenmore 148.12201 (missing a few items)

Glaco 490 Select a Stitch and Brother LS-1717 (parts machines)

Singer 328K I picked up yesterday. This is my third 328 and it appears to be in the best cosmetic condition of the three. I'll unload the others at some point, as there is really no point in keeping more than one of a particular model............. Or is there?

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