Friday, August 26, 2016

Can you say "Rocketeer"? - Singer 500A -

Yes, I finally added a Singer model 500A to my ever-growing stash of sewing machines. Ok, I do have one other 500A but it's missing parts. These are called a Rocketeer, obviously due to their shape, and the 500 is the next iteration in the line of Singer's finest back in the early 60s.

There's not much more to say about this sewing machine, other than how I came to acquire it. You see, there are a few people that know me and happen to know my penchant for buying old sewing machines and paraphernalia. One of these people texted me a photo last Saturday (thanks Dave) of this sewing machine he ran across at the local Habitat for Humanity for twenty bucks. I wasn't able to go look until the following Monday after work. Fortunately it was still available. Naturally I snapped it up immediately, as it was in very nice condition and appeared to be all there.

One reason these sewing machines are so popular - the large number of built-in stitch patterns (see below) that can be selected using the two concentric knobs on the front of the machine. Very similar (if not identical) to the Singer 401.

Notice the cute little removable spool pin (below) that allows sewing when the lid is closed. It has its own neato storage hole.

Pretty nifty, eh?

I wonder what kind of thread bunnies will be inside the base when I open it up....

And looky there, the light still works. They always seem to work.


  1. How neato! I have a 501a rocketeer and a 401. I wasn't aware this bridge-between model existed. My rocketeer needs the cams (which of course I have) to do all the stitches. Nice machines.

  2. It looks like it's in pretty good shape. Congratulations! This machine is so fun. (I confess, I only sewed on my Rocketeer twice, but it sewed incredibly well. I should rotate my sewing machines so that my Rocketeer gets more time sewing.) Mine came with just one cam inside. I later found a set of cams, and it became even more fun to sew!