Saturday, October 20, 2018

Ten Sewing Machines Take A Trip South

For a second time, I got rid of a passel of sewing machines. Maybe ten isn't so much a passel as a small group, considering the passel of 42 I got rid of previously, and considering I have a passel of machines remaining.

The ad showed a number of machines waiting patiently to be purchased by some as-yet unknown sewing machine aficionado. I'd priced each machine separately but then put a better price if someone wanted to take them all. Well, the nice person that showed up from Olympia didn't want many of the ones I'd pulled out but I did tell this person that I had more I wanted to get rid of. We rummaged through my stash and came up with ten nice machines.

The buyer was mainly focused on Singers, so six of the ten were that brand. Here are photos of them all:

Singer 403 portable

Singer 403 in a cabinet

Singer 401 in a cabinet

Singer 404 portable

Singer 15-91 in a cabinet with stool

Singer 185K portable

BelAir Bantam Aluminum portable

Pfaff 130 portable

Pfaff 30 portable

And finally, a Singer 500 parts machine (only photo I have of it, and it's looking a little bashful)

The herd is slowly dwindling, but I have much further to go before I get to where I'd like to be. Alas, I'm still at step 7 of Ed Lamoureux's "Sometimes You Gotta Let Go!", as he outlined in his blog:

Oh, and I just hope I'll get a tiny bit of credit for not purchasing any of the six or seven neat machines at the St Vinnie's we stopped at last week. I was especially eyeing a Husqvarna 6000-series (I think) with the two-speed gearbox, complete with many extra feet and eight of the Colormatic stitch cams, for a low, low price of but $25. I'm sure I could have even parted it out for a profit, as I'm sure the fancy foot pedal and cams are worth more than the purchase price. My reasonable side prevailed though, and I came home with none.


  1. Did you shed a tear as they left the yard, or do a happy dance?

    1. Early in my addiction it would have been tears shed but at this point in time it is a happy dance. :-)

    2. Contact me please, I am in need of a very special bolt.

  2. How do I contact sewingmachinenut? The link on your page is no good. I am searching for a part, a very special bolt.

    1. Hi Unknown, I have liquidated most of my sewing machines, so unfortunately I don't have any parts remaining that might be of use to someone else. Someone with a lathe could possibly make a new bolt for you but you'd have to know the dimensions of the bolt. If you do know the bolt particulars, you can respond here with them and I could maybe make it for you.