Sunday, January 13, 2013


People may think I'm addicted to buying sewing machines. Nothing could be further from the truth. Well, ok, maybe it's a small addiction. The last couple days I hit three or four thrift stores in the area and I came home with 5 machines. But on the flip side, I left another 7 or 8 on the shelves. I think I deserve kudos for that minor feat of self-control. Here is a nice portrait of the new additions.

And now for the individuals. First up is a Singer Futura 900.

Next is a Singer "So-Fro" 4314 (no foot control, and the presser bar is cockeyed).

Next is a Pfaff-Dorina Hobby 721 (came with a slip-over hard plastic cover).

Next is a Singer Fashion Mate 360 (came with a few accessories).

Lastly, a White Rotary in a nice bentwood case.

The Singer Futura is my first of this model, so I hope I don't regret buying it. The online comments for these machines aren't the most flattering.

I couldn't pass up the White. The case was in very nice condition for its age. There is newsprint of some sort under the machine that I am curious to see when I have a chance to pull it out.

The other machines were inexpensive enough that I should be able to almost break even if I decide to sell them on Craigslist, and I'll have a good time getting them cleaned up and working again (hopefully).

I'm wondering though, what was Singer thinking when they put "So-Fro" on the front of that machine? What's a So-Fro? Sounds like Sno-Cone....

Addicted? Me? I think not. I'm in the rescue business.

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  1. Love this. I just (literally) dusted off my MIL's Sew Fro Singer, same model as this one! It's in pretty good working condition but it's been in its case for about 20 years. I'm using it while I have my Mom's old Bernina serviced. I LOVE older machines, they are made of metal, work like dogs, and I don't need the embroidery bit for what I do! I can't find the manual for this machine and it needs oil - I'll keep searching. I found this post in my search - even though it is from the past, I still chuckled! Good luck!