Friday, January 18, 2013

Ok, this is getting a little out of hand. Singer sewing machines.

Hit Goodwill again last night. 50% off blue tags. Two sewing machines with blue tags (actually three but I was only interested in two). What do those facts equal? Another couple machines to add to the mix. And I still haven't come close to going through the machines from the last two Goodwill buying sprees. Plus I have a Singer 758 that is causing me heartache. It won't do buttonholes. It only goes in reverse. I've found the mechanism that I'm guessing needs adjusting but haven't gotten it dialed in yet. Not enough time in the day with work constantly getting in the way. Retirement will be nice.

But on to the two new additions... Both Singers, one is a 101 from 1929 and the other is a 750 from about 1973.

The 101 has a 'potted' gear-drive motor on the backside. The Singer is also gear-drive but the motor stands vertical inside the machine.

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