Sunday, October 20, 2013

Montgomery Wards Simplicity - Happy Times

You're thinking, "Huh? What's he so happy about?" Most people wouldn't be too happy about a sewing machine that took the better part of a day to get to stitch properly. My Happy-ness is in this next photo:

Here's a little better look at it:

The Happy is cast into the cast iron base. I'm presuming the Japanese foundry that turned out these Montgomery Wards sewing machines was trying to make a statement of sorts in that sewing on one of their machines would bring just a bit of happiness to your life.

This machine has quite a few niceties, such as twelve built-in selectable stitch patterns plus a buttonhole feature. Not bad for a 42 pound cast iron behemoth.

The photo makes it look white or yellowish but it is a very light blue color.
Below are a couple more photos of this sewing machine for MiriamR.


  1. Hi, do you have any more pictures of this machine? I am trying to figure out the automatic stitch mechanism on mine. Also, on the face plate, there is a long black wire which I don't know where/if it needs to be attached. Your help would greatly appreciated.

    1. I no longer have this machine but I do have more photos that I'll add to this blog entry.