Friday, November 15, 2013

Spring Cleaning - in November

I don't know if it was because of the nice young lady that runs "My Sewing Machine Obsession" blog (Elizabeth), or if I'd just had enough of my basement, and more specifically, my "work bench" that got me to do some straightening up. Elizabeth had just blogged how she cleaned up her work area. That may have been just the nudge that made me do something about my sewing machine dungeon.

My "work bench" has been a 3-foot square folding card table (from the 50s I'm sure, with the little tubular steel legs that fold up). When I'd put the pedal to the metal on a machine and it got going full-tilt, the table would also be doing its own little jig. Things would rattle off the table and onto the floor. It was getting annoying.

Back before my sewing machines started reproducing on their own (it seems), most of them fit onto a super-heavy-duty-industrial-strength steel table (phone company surplus from 30 years ago, back when sturdy really meant something). Well, now that table could be put to better use as my work bench, and I'd put the sewing machines on a newly-freed-up storage rack. Brilliant. On a rare occasion I actually have a good idea.

Here's a before shot of the steel table and general area. I guess you can't even see the table buried under the clutter...

Here's an after shot of the same area. The two machines in the opened-up sewing tables are a Necchi BU (closest) and a Singer 319. The machine on my new work bench is a Universal Admiral (Class 15 clone).

Here is a before shot from the other end of the room. The card table is where the metal chair is.

And the after shot.

Here is a photo of some of my machines that don't have portable cases. Left to right, Singer 185K, Singer 404, Universal Deluxe Class 15 clone, New Home 270 Streamliner, Singer 328K, and Singer 500.


  1. Seeing all your machines is very inspiring. Now... the most hated question that I get.. Do you sew? (my answer... uh...... i'm trying.) LOL.

    1. I get that on occasion too. But recently I actually installed a zipper in my wife's dress. And hemmed a pair of her pants. There's hope! :)