Friday, November 15, 2013

Universal Admiral Class 15 Clone

I have two old black Universal class 15 clones, one a DeLuxe and the other an Admiral. There are some subtle differences, like a feed dog drop feature and the Singer-style stitch length lever on the DeLuxe. I wonder which one is older. I'd guess the DeLuxe is, but I'm not sure. The two machines have very similar decals.

Here's the DeLuxe.

And the Admiral.

The Admiral is what I worked on today, after the "spring cleaning" (see prior blog post). The machine didn't budge at first. The motor was tight, which is rare for machines I've worked on, and the machine was also very difficult to spin. Cleaning and oiling does wonders though, and now it sews a mean stitch.

The hook and retaining parts on this machine were unlike any I'd seen. First two screws need to be removed, then the massive hook and retainer assembly comes off the machine. Then another screw and spring bracket are removed from the retainer, and finally the hook can be removed. Not a simple task if you're just trying to untangle a thread nest.

Look at all these pieces, especially the size of the piece on the left. Wow.

Another strange feature is that the shuttle hook driver doesn't have a cushioning spring, so when the machine is running, the hook driver makes a tick sound whenever the oscillating hook driver reverses direction. I don't know if there is something missing but there are no screw holes in the driver to attach a spring, as in a normal hook driver. Oh well, the machine works great the way it is and is probably the way it is supposed to be. Here are more photos.

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