Thursday, January 9, 2014

Something else has consumed my time lately... a car.

Not just any car, mind you. On the contrary, this is something you don't see every day. A 1966 Plymouth Sport Fury.

Ok, so maybe I should have changed pants for the photo... Just don't tell my wife I'm publishing a photo with "those pants" in it. The pants have since gone to that great pants fantasy land in the sky, much to my wife's delight. But I digress (I seem to do that a lot).

Back to the car. For those that read this and who are at all of the 'car nut' persuasion (you know who you are), you'll be interested to know this 17-1/2 foot long barge came from Chrysler Corporation's Hamtramck plant with a 383-4 bbl engine and a 4-speed manual transmission (also manual steering and brakes). You'd be hard pressed to find one similar to this still on the road. Obviously this car isn't as desirable (or as costly) as a similar-vintage Charger or GTX, but it can be just as much fun.
So for the time being, my time has been taken up trying to get a bunch of little things corrected on the car. Don't worry, the sewing machines are still piled up in the basement, waiting for a free moment.


  1. Great car! A full size with a factory 4 speed has to be quite rare. I have always been a Mopar person. I have owned several Dodges and Plymouths. Now the only old car I have is my 65 Grand Prix. Unless you count my 93 Dodge Spirit I bought new and has 60k miles now.

  2. I've always been a Mopar guy too (probably because when growing up our family car was a '66 Plymouth Fury VIP 4-door (looked very similar to this Sport Fury - same color too!)).. The one Mopar I shouldn't have gotten rid of was a '61 300-G with an all-factory 413 engine and dual 4-bbl carbs on a pair of cross-ram manifolds. That intake setup was just plain cool. But the "new" car is sure a blast to drive. Thanks for the comment.