Friday, February 21, 2014

Mini Kenmore - reminds me of tax time coming up - Model 1040

I've heard of these miniature (well, maybe not that small) Kenmore sewing machines but haven't had one in the stable (actually, my basement) until recently. It's probably a 3/4-size machine. Cute little thing. Actually I saw one of these at a Goodwill a month ago but didn't buy it because the outer case was fairly trashed. I ran across the one pictured here last week and decided to take the plunge. It is missing its small tray for accessories, which the other machine had that I didn't buy... Oh well. Can't have everything.

This is a Kenmore 158.1040. Yes, it reminded me of the 1040 tax form. So I'm weird. Deal with it.

Oh, and for you car people reading this blog, I've got the Plymouth safely on the road (installing new brakes does wonders for stopping a 2 ton vehicle, and new tires are also helpful). In case you can't spot the behemoth, it's the one in front on the left... :-)

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  1. If I ever find one of these Kenmores locally I will buy it! I think they're really neat machines. They would be perfect to take to sewing classes.