Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Singer 319W - What a cool 50's machine!

I already have one Singer 319W but it is not the most attractive of colors. It's a beige crinkle finish, but it was the color that came up for sale when I was looking for a 319W a few years back. Here's a photo of it.

Recently though, this mint green 319W showed it's face on Craigslist (yeah I know, why do I keep looking). Shiny two-tone mint green is much more pleasing to my eye.

After negotiating a price for the green machine (the guy didn't budge on his $50 asking price), I asked if he had anything (accessories, etc) he was willing to part with. A dejected Elna sat on the floor next to the Singer, and the guy said I could have it if I wanted it. Hmm, let me think about that for a moment...... Yeah, right! Oh, and since the Singer's motor was making a loud racket, he also threw in an extra motor. It happens to be labeled Pfaff. Double score!

The above photos are of the machine when I got it home. It was quite dirty but didn't really show it in the sunlight. Below photos are after cleaning. From what I've read online, these 319W's were made in the 1955-1957 time period. Apparently Singer doesn't have information to more accurately date them.

The round bulbous knob on the front of the machine is to vary zig zag width and needle R-C-L position. A couple small chrome knobs on the zig zag knob are to limit the range of travel of the zig zag lever. The little chrome knob to the left of the stitch length lever is an adjustable stop for the lever. Things may look complicated on this machine but they are pretty simple once learned.

As mentioned, the motor made quite a loud noise, but I took it apart and tightened up a brass bracket inside and it seems to have fixed it. I'm a bit surprised the motor is only .53 amps. It's adequate power but I would have liked it if it was up in the 1-amp range.

I love the chrome keys Singer used for selecting the various stitch patterns.

The two-tone green is quite striking to a sewing machine nut such as myself.

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