Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A What Machine? Jeans Machine

"Jeans Machine"? What was the marketing department thinking? I guess they figured that if it is marketed as handling your jeans project, it will handle just about any home project. So I decided to put this bad boy to the test. Yes, it must be a boy with a name like that.

Starting with Goodwill's $0.99-cent sale, I walked out $3.23 lighter and three pairs of jeans heavier. I now have enough denim to last me quite some time. But I digress. I've seen many ads and videos that show machines sewing through 8 layers of denim, I decided I needed to see how well it works. Bottom line? It worked slick, like there was practically nothing there. I did use a 'jeans' needle, but I would hazard a guess that most domestic sewing machines would do as well. Maybe. I'll try other machines some other time and post the results. On to the video, only 3 minutes or so in length (forgive my sleeve blocking the view so much):

And a couple photos:

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