Friday, February 22, 2013

Bernina Record 730 Video

My recent Bernina Record 730 acquisition is a bit complicated with its many knobs and levers, so I thought I'd shoot a video to show what they all did. One problem with having so many sewing machines to mess around with is that I sometimes forget what the various machines do, so you'll have to pardon my hesitation sometimes when describing the various functions. The video is 19 minutes long. I didn't go through all 20 different stitch patterns but you get the idea. The machine is sewing through 4 layers of denim.

The video didn't show the right side of the machine so here is a photo of the two levers for buttonhole and satin stitch.


  1. Question: I love Berninas (as well as truly Italian-made Necchis), and thus own three of them: an 831, a 730, and a chipper little 807 who was my first introduction to these wonderful machines. Have you had any trouble with the stitch length lever sticking? The 730 came to me having been used only a few times and then set aside for half a century. The 807 was sold to me by a lady who begged me to keep using it all the time as she had; she said they love it the best when they are worked every day (I believe it!). Both these machines have sticky stitch length levers and I'm trying to track down the source.

  2. I didn't notice the problem with this 730 but I did have something similar-sounding happen on a Pfaff 30, which I talk about here: I don't know if your issue is the same as with my "30" but it could be. I do believe, as you, that using these old machines is better than just letting them sit (like most of mine do, unfortunately).