Saturday, December 21, 2013

BelAir Bantam Model 33

I broke out of my comfort zone when buying this next little guy. It was more than I usually pay at a thrift store but I just couldn't pass it up (and how many previous times have I heard that statement in my brain?).

I love the designs on these old machines. I'd call it art deco.

Is that a 1.2 amp motor? Quite powerful for a small, lightweight machine as this.

The decals are nice and have vivid colors. Quite a striking machine to look at. I haven't cleaned it up yet so just ignore the dust.


  1. These are great machines. They are a Singer 99 clone, but the head is made of aluminum thus making it light. I have one and it is one of my favorites.

  2. I didn't know for sure it was aluminum at the store, but when I picked it up, I noticed it was too light to be cast iron. It may become one of my keepers too. Great looking little machine. Thanks for the comment.

  3. I have one just like the one pictured. What are they worth if I wanted to sell it?

  4. i just got/rescued one of these. its missing her motor and tension knob.... u dont have a manual do ya

  5. I have a Bel-air 999B sewing machine . Can you tell me if I can put a walking foot on this baby ? And what size /and wear to get one

    1. My guess is one of the generic "even feed" type of walking foot attachments would fit your machine. You'd need to buy the correct version for your machine (low or high shank).