Sunday, December 1, 2013

Reunited at long last... Dressmaker 7000

A couple days ago I mentioned I'd picked up a Dressmaker 7000 at Goodwill.

It took cams but didn't come with any. It was unfortunate too, because on the front of the machine was a depiction of each of the 30 cam's designs.

Today I decided to work on the 7000. It made quite a racket due mainly to lack of oil, but also to a few things needing to be adjusted. I got it quieted down nicely and now it makes a fine stitch. Oiling and adjusting this machine was not, however, the reason for this posting though. I knew I had some cams laying around from other Goodwill purchases so I started rummaging through them. Well wouldn't you know, a set of cams I bought almost four months ago, probably from the same Goodwill, are the exact ones that fit this machine.

The only downside is that there are five missing. But it sure is much better than having no cams at all. The numbering on the cams and the front of the sewing machine match, so my guess it the sewing machine and cams got separated somehow. I just happened to buy them both at different times, and have happily reunited them. They work well together too, kinda like my wife and I...

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