Friday, December 20, 2013

Green without envy - 1958 Singer 185K

I presume sewing machines don't have feelings, like being envious of other machines around them that might be getting more hands-on time. So it is with this little green guy. He's (I'll just make the assumption that it is a he) content being green without having an envious piece of cast iron in his extremely heavy little body.

While these machines aren't the quietest-running on the block, they are still well made and look real nice, with good attention to detail. This one makes a nice stitch too.

The bobbin winder tire is in exceptionally good condition for being nearly as old as me. Or someone has replaced it in the recent past. Maybe I'll just say we've both aged well... At least one of us has.

I wonder if this person is still around, Mr. (or Miss) Case Inspector No. 42...

Here's an after shot of the lamp, after extricating the layer of duct tape goo. It's a little scuffed up from normal wear and tear.

Before shot of the duct tape. Yuk (same machine, different light source).


  1. I have a 185K (in it's original green plastic case). I love these machines.

  2. I got one of these machines a couple of months ago, mine has the same wooden case as yours. I got a new belt for it and a replacement glass lens for the light. My dad came out last month and cleaned the armature on the motor--running much better now. I also have the original bobbin-winding tire (exciting!). I'm trying to fix the case up a bit, having to replace the cloth trim.

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  4. I have one of these that I picked up at a thrift store for $10. Haven`t used it yet because it needs a new belt, otherwise the machine itself is in mint condition as far as I can tell...and working well. Wooden case and cloth trim on it are a little worn and scuffed though!

    Not being a sewing person I`m still trying to figure out how to keep it in as good a shape as it is right now and, hopefully, learn how to use it properly!