Sunday, December 8, 2013

More Sewing Machine Window Dressing

First, to make things perfectly clear, I'm not the window dressing. I realized after publishing this that it was a strange title for having me in the first photo. Focus here, it's the machines, not me.

This is quite something. Two stores with sewing machines in the windows in two weeks (see previous blog entry). We happened to be in San Francisco a few days ago and found this:

Most of the machines were either Singer, Jones, or Frister and Rossmann (same three makers as in the Seattle store). I'm wondering where this business (All Saints Co, Ltd.) got their stock of sewing machines. Many are very decorative and in great shape.

The store also uses industrial sewing machines (among other things) as a base for their displays.

The industrial machines have been welded up so they no longer operate, which is a bit of a disappointment. I guess it is better to have an old non-operating machine on display than to have it melted down for scrap though.

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  1. I have a says bainbridge on a sticker in 5he drawer but it looks exactly like your morse model 9900. Exactly the same but mine doesnt say morse on front. Very nice shape. Whats a machine like this worth